My name is Bret Buckley and I am a professional Artist. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing, sketching and painting. I was born with this unrelenting passion to create and I followed any and everything that caught my attention. I used any medium available to me and created from any subject matter.

My parents recognised my potential from an early age and gave me all the support and opportunities to learn and gather the tools needed to follow my passion, so I went on to study fine art and design in North Carolina, USA after which I returned home to Zimbabwe. As I became more accomplished, my passion and love for animals and nature led me to my preferred subject, wildlife.

Art has always been the corner stone of my life, from when I was a young boy until the present day. I am constantly learning and evolving and try to create artworks that communicate, inspire and touch people in many different ways.

I have travelled extensively around Zimbabwe and Africa and spent many long days and months immersed in the African bush to study and learn from first hand observations and experiences. I believe that for an Artist to truly capture the essence of nature and wildlife you first have to see, feel, hear and smell the wild. Each painting I create is from my own first-hand experience or something I’ve encountered and had the privilege to be a part of in the bush.

Apart from my Wildlife art I cover a large range of subject matter and also paint in an array of mediums. I love painting in oils both for their traditional use by the “Old Masters” and the joy of seeing my paintings come alive through the glazing technique.

I have held many exhibitions in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the USA. I continue to sell artworks either as commissions worldwide (USA, Europe, Australia and England) or directly from exhibitions.

Using my knowledge and experience in any medium or subject I am happy to collaborate with a client to achieve the very best painting possible of the subject requested, in virtually any medium. I do extensive research and planning and render working drawings for my clients before I begin painting in order to get exactly what they want to see in the final artwork.

I continue to reside in Zimbabwe and South Africa where I follow my passion and joy painting the drama of Mother Nature’s wildlife and splendour.