Bret is a professional artist who has successfully exhibited his wildlife art on 4 continents and receives ongoing commissions for private collectors worldwide. Over the course of his career he has donated many artworks to raise awareness and funds toward charity and conservation and his recent exhibition in Harare was no different. Although he works in any medium he loves to work with oils on canvas, preferably linen, especially for his fine art.

Bret’s love for wildlife and his passion for art truly show in his recent works which were on display at his latest exhibition in Harare entitled “Africa through the dust and Light”.

The exhibition consisted of three different sections in order to present Bret’s artistic scope in a coherent way. Bret has worked tirelessly for months to prepare for his solo exhibition, and has produced a variety of magnificent works introducing us to his original concept of retro pop art “Blue ladies”, his mixed media skull paintings where he uses acrylic, board and bone in his materials and his stunning combination of fine art and abstract pieces. His fine art wildlife pieces were painted in oils on Belgian linen and have a luminosity that only the finest quality craftsmanship can produce.

Bret’s auction piece was an acrylic abstract pour combined with fine art on canvas. The piece was entitled “The crossing” and depicts a female Zebra at the crossing of the Mara River in Kenya which lies across an ancient migration route. She is filled with apprehension and captured the second before she has to leap into the crocodile infested waters of the river swirling below her in order to cross to the other side.

Bret continues to live and create in Zimbabwe, at his studio where he welcomes visitors and clients alike.

Money was raised as a result of the auction for the African Centre for Holistic Management who work for the regeneration and conservation of our environment and wildlife.

Here’s a picture of “The Crossing” being presented to her proud new owner by Bret.